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In 1974, the company was put into business life in various regions of Turkey by road and infrastructure construction, and in 1980s, bentonite mine quarry was started to operate in the Middle Black Sea region with the identification of bentonite mine deposits in the vicinity of Unye and Fatsa. Bentonite mine works adventure, which started in 1986, has turned into a complete bentonite mine quarry operation in 2008 and has taken its first step towards cat litter production in early 2015. In the middle of 2016, started the production and packaging of cat litter in Fatsa /Turkey. The raw material obtained from the White calcium bentonite Quarry, which has the highest quality and reserve in the region, is used. Having advanced technology used in Cat litter production process, the company realizes the production of the best quality boutique cat litter in the region. The company's cat litter production capacity is 50,000 tons per year as bulk. Production capacity is combined with the packaging unit. In accordance with its vision and mission, NETAS Madencilik continues its market research on bentonite and R & D and innovation studies on ceramics, cosmetics and cat litter.
Our company Defne Kimyevi Maddeler (Defne Chemical Materials) started its activitiy with olive oil and laurel oil in 1970 specially to Middle East. In addition to that, we have been importing, exporting and distributing company over with 100 products approximately 40.000mt a year over 25 contries that including North Africa and South Africa. As Defne Chemical, we mostly focus on the chemical products which we have sufficient experience and networks to supply our customers’ requests. Defne Chemical are the biggest Lauris Nobilis Fruit Oil supplier and exporter in Turkey since 1970's. We supply approximately 60-65 tones a year which equals 80 percentage of Turkey production. Moreover, we are the only company who has Organic Certification for traditional Laurel Fruit oil.
Founded by Sadik Serefoglu and started its production activities in 1990, GEOPLAS is the leader and pioneer of the Turkish geosynthetics market with its experienced and dynamic staff of 250 people today. GEOPLAS continues to work as a leading company capable of producing all of Geosentetic products under one roof in terms of product diversity in the world. Our company is located in Ankara Capital City Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Bolgesi. It is established on an area of 40.000 m2 in total and serves on 2 separate production facilities on 19.000 m2 covered area. Construction works such as PVC - HDPE - LLDPE Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Perceptible Walking Surface Products, Geosynthetic Clay Covers, Drain Plates, Water Holding Bands, Geogrid, Geocell, Geonet, Rock Shield, As well as the products used in the sector, the livestock sector, the shoe sector and the carpet and home furnishings sector also continues to serve by producing auxiliary materials. The successful solution partnership in the public and private sector constitutes the basic mission of GEOPLAS. Our company also provides consultancy services from the project phase to the application phase in the construction site as well as the production and field applications as well as the use of the products that it produces. GEOPLAS produces world-class products in the Geosynthetics sector with the cooperation of AR-GE unit established in 2007 with the product analysis laboratory and universities in order to meet the changing requirements with the developing technology. In Turkey, DSI, TCDD, TCK, Municipalities, Mining and Energy companies in various environmental projects in a wide range of products is the solution partner. GEOPLAS organized the International Geosynthetics seminar in Ankara in 2012 and organized a wide-ranging seminar in the public institutions and universities in Turkey with the participation of founders and directors of the American Geosynthetics Association and many European institutions and academicians. And has been exporting to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East countries as well as many domestic projects. Our company, which performs 25% of annual sales in exports, is proud of contributing to the economy of the country. Our company which gives importance to environmental consciousness as well as workers' health and safety, will continue its production and services with the principle of 'Success is not to walk on the best road but to be the best on the way that you walk'. GEOPLAS is proud to be a pioneer in research and innovation in its sector.
Our company BENTAS BENTONIT A.S. was established in 2007 and it started to produce clumping cat litter from white bentonite reserves available in our country and exports cat litter to 56 countries in the world. Almost 90% of white bentonite reserves in Turkey is around Ordu-Unye-Fatsa. Important part of those reserves is in the trust of our company. We dominate more than 80% of Turkish cat litter market. We have almost 30 large wholesalers or business partners throughout the country. Furthermore, we are one of the first 3 companies in Europe both in terms of production capacity and packaging capacity. Today, we have a production capacity of 180.000 tons granule and we have provided the opportunity of employment to 170 qualified members of personnel.
As Tam Tez Mining Tourism Industry and Trade Limited Company we have tree generation experience and know-how on mining, mineral processing, natural stone, marble, granite processing and construction materials production. We have several mining sites and facilities all around Turkey one of which is located in Urgup-Nevsehir. Here there is huge high quality bentonite reserve. Just next to this field we established a production plant of industrial bentonite. We have a production capacity of 12.000 tones/year. We are experienced working in the tough environmental conditions of the sector, enabling us to mitigate risks for our clients and we try to construct strong networks for long term trade relations.Bentonite For Drilling ,Drilling Mud Cat Litter
KarBen supplies bentonite which is the main substance of drilling mud required for all drilling applications and also supplies drilling fluid materials used in treatment of drilling mud which should be prepared according to formation of drilling area, depth, and physical & chemical conditions of wellbore. KarBen supplies Sodium Bentonite in API13A standarts. KarBen serves mining, oil and natural gas sectors with all polymer and chemicals besides bentonite required for drilling mud. KarBen presents solutions to its customer about choosing right product, receipt and application thanks to its experience, specialism and very wide product range including domestic and imported products.All products that KarBen supplies has the outstanding quality certificates.
Peak Universal Business Co. is manufacturer & exporter of all grades of Bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen, Natural Bitumen, & also Gilsonite & Walnut Shell in drilling. Our factory & also Company located in Ankara Turkey.